First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for playing on our server. 50+ players are a big achievement to us & your support towards us is overwhelming. Our team has been putting a ton of hours to develop this server. I personally did not expect PlanetBn will reach such numbers. Once again, thank you very much! We will try to push more contents to the server so you guys can have a great/amazing time playing on our server.

Our server will be having a 35% discount on EVERYTHING! This sale will start once this post is up and will end at 20:35 (8:35 PM), July 16, 2020, UTC +8.

By Mukri, 8 days ago
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Introducing Skyblock to our new game modes! We have been working on this Skyblock server for more than a month now. I personally have been putting a lot of time developing Skyblock game modes. There are a lot of things you can do in Skyblock. Let's get started!

Do /is to go to your island or to create a new one.

When you first join, you should be teleported to your island (Or it may take a few seconds to generate your islands). I recommend you to go to /warp mine to get full geared items & go to /warp barn to get you some food. Full Iron Armor should get you ready to fight with...

By Mukri, 10 days ago
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Welcome to our first Building Contest ever! This contest will allow you to show your creativity. The main objective is building! Building a medieval-themed house, castle, statue, or anything that came upon your mind. The prizes for this contest will be a 20USD Gift Card for any kind of platform (Steam, iTunes, PSN, etc). Below are the details about the contest:-

How can I join this contest?
You can start by joining our Minecraft Server MC.PLANETBN.COM and join the Survival-SMP server. From there, you need to find a place in any /warp wil...

By Mukri, 18 days ago
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Welcome to our new website! With this website, we will be able to make really long announcements, manage a bug reports easily & many more! We will be using this website for the next updates and so on. 


How can I register?
You can register on our website here.

Will update still be announced in the discord?
Yes, it will. But it will probably a link to this website.

Why do you use a website instead of a discord server?
Well, because disco...

By Mukri, 25 days ago
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